How to use sentiment analysis for sport predictions

Studies show that 10% higher mood value means an advantage that is a little greater than the advantage of home turf. Having a good sentiment value is an actual advantage for a team. But always betting at the home team is of course not a betting strategy that works very well in the long run.

To be successful in sports betting or sports predictions, you need to be able to evaluate a variety of factors. It’s about the team’s capacity, their form curve, injuries to key players, stats from previous meetings, etc. Then you evaluate the team’s chances and compare with the odds that the bookmakers offer.

When it comes to the tuning analysis specifically, it’s often wise to look back at what mood values a team has had in the past. You can use Sport Sentimentors search function to find old matches.

Sentiment analysis is not a shortcut that can make you successful in no time, but it is a fairly new tool that few know about and that can bring great benefits for those who can use it correctly. You’d hardly want to bet on a game without knowing which team is the home team, would you?

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Please note that sports betting is considered to be gambling, we don’t advice anyone to participate in gambling. Governments often place restrictions on gambling so you need to be aware what restrictions apply in your jurisdiction.

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