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We employ machine learning techniques to determine the sentiment in social media for sports events in Football (Soccer), Basketball, Tennis and Ice Hockey. Studies have shown that a team with a 10 point higher sentiment score is equivalent of having home advantage in football.

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For a more detailed analysis, please click on the team, that you are interested in. The sentiment score is the relationship between the number of positive and negative posts for the team or athlete.

What is sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is also known as opinion mining and emotion AI. It is a way to use artificial intelligence to get subjective information such as feelings.

While complex feelings may be difficult for AI to handle at the moment, it is pretty good att telling whether opinions are positive or negagive. It is worth to mention that the analysis tends to be more accurate the bigger the athlete or team are.

Sentiment analysis in sports

In order to perform sentiment analysis it is important to have access to fairly large amounts of data. Sports is a field where there are plenty of information availabe. A sentiment analysis can use a combination of news articles and social media post.

A sentiment analysis can look through a vast number of texts and determine whether the general opinion is positive or negative.

What is the use for sentiment analysis?

Mainly the information that sportsentimentor provides has an entertainmen value. It is fun to check how your favorite team is doing.

Sentiment analysis can also be used for sports betting. We do not recommend that you place bets based onlys base on sentiment analysis. Please note that in order to bet you need to be at least 18 years old, but that may vary accross differnt juristictions.

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